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Why was Kinnon born?  We work hard, travel a lot and love to explore as many corners of this incredible world as we can, both for business and pleasure.  We also love to do it in style.

For years had been in search of a range of unique, and functional pieces with a design edge for simplifying travel and using for business that go beyond the standard colours and styles.  We couldn’t find it, so we created it… and we wanted to share it with the world.

Enter Kinnon.

We wanted to make people's lives easier and at the same time offer them pieces that they're proud to showcase.  And that's what we've done. 

Every Kinnon item is made with high quality top grain leather that gets better and better with age to be loved for years to come.  Detailed consideration and craftsmanship has gone into every element of the designs.

The Kinnon collection is created by our design team in Melbourne and can be seen in many countries around the world.  

Our collection will continue to grow and evolve so join our enews, Instagram and Facebook, and keep up with the latest.

Kinnon.  Born to unite.

Kinnon is owned and managed by Hallow Brands Pty Ltd, Melbourne Australia.